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October Soundtracks: Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + JulietRomeo + Juliet
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I was a big fan of this movie when it came out and (though I still for some reason haven’t seen Strictly Ballroom) it made me an ongoing big fan of Baz Luhrman. It was the coolness and fun and frenetic energy of it, it was Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh from The Basketball Diaries, and the totally cute MSCL-era Claire Danes, and a great cast all around, like Harold Perrineau in drag and John Leguizamo being bad-ass, and it was the music (2 new Radiohead songs!), etc. On a personal level, I also really enjoyed it because in my sophomore year of high school, our theater department put on this play, and I was the Friar, and quite frankly, I didn’t really understand everything that I was saying. Seeing the masterful Pete Postlethwaite at work, it all became totally clear to me.

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April Duets: “This Mess We’re In”

Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

“This Mess We’re In”
by PJ Harvey w/ Thom Yorke
from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
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The final Thom Yorke duet for the #AprilDuets theme.

I’ve never gotten in to PJ Harvey – nothing against her, just never owned any of her stuff or listened to her, but man, I love this song. I think out of the three Thom Yorke duets, this is my favorite. The interplay between the two singers is awesome, and I dig the part where PJ is talking while Thom sing-repeats bits of what she’s saying. The song has a bit of an epic, end of the world feel.

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April Duets: “El President”

The Best of Drugstore
The Best of Drugstore

“El President”
by Drugstore w/ Thom Yorke
from White Magic for Lovers
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Sorry Lance – this is post 2 of 3 of Thom Yorke duets for the #AprilDuets assignment. This is a song that I came across randomly I think as far back as the Napster days. I used to sometimes do searches for things I wouldn’t otherwise know about, like “Thom Yorke duet”.

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April Duets: “I’ve Seen It All”


“I’ve Seen It All”
by Björk ft. Thom Yorke
from Selmasongs
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I keep thinking of more and more choices for the monthly theme – #AprilDuets. And a warning, this may start a string of duet postings featuring Thom Yorke. This one’s got two of my favorite singers, especially around the time that this soundtrack came out.

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