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Shuffle: Little Stereo + Kicking

Soft Machine
Soft Machine

“Little Stereo”
by Teddybears (ft. Daddy Boastin)
from the album Soft Machine
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Car therapy, it’s a thing. Windows down, music playing just a little too loud, driving just a little too fast, and with shuffle determining your fate.

I was deep in a funk this morning, feeling down on myself for a shitty show, being sick for weeks on end and general nonsense at the office.  And then I got hit with a one-two punch of pure joy.  Having a great song come up on a shuffle is the best.  Experiencing a completely unrelated, yet equally great track right on its heels is the jam.  And when all of that happens in a car where you can sing as loud as you want, off-key, out-of-time and with all the wrong lyrics rolling off of your tongue, that’s car therapy.

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November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

Songs for the Deaf
Songs for the Deaf

“Go With The Flow”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album Songs for the Deaf
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Definitely a best song ever.  “Go With The Flow” will remain on the five-star playlist for a long, long time.  The music video is a gorgeous piece of work, but even without its automotive theme driving home the point, this song would be a windows-down, blasting-across-the-asphalt song.   Continue reading November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

November Five-Star Shuffle: “Solid”

Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

by the Dandy Warhols
from the album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
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It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I reached a five-star song on shuffle that I’m demoting after having listened to it again.  Not to say “Solid” isn’t a good song,  but I definitely gave it a bonus star just because I wanted to remember it as the theme song to the television series Undeclared.  If you haven’t seen the show, Undeclared is a Judd Apatow produced comedy set during the freshman year of college.  There are only a handful of episodes so it’s definitely worth cruising through on a binge weekend.  Plus it features Seth Rogen before he was super popular, and Charlie Hunnam before he was a Son of Anarchy.

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November Five-Star Shuffle: “Why Would I Want to Die”

Concrete Dunes“Why Would I Want to Die”
by Grandaddy
from the album Concrete Dunes
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I love the idea of a monthly theme based on shuffling, and not being able to skip, but the problem is for me my 5 star playlist is only has 122 songs on it (vs. 2448 4 stars), so all of them are going to be things I love and almost never skip. I’m very restrictive about what makes 5 stars, whereas there are plenty of moments of potential embarrassment (if that’s what Lance was hoping for) in the 4 star list (I’m not entirely positive Lance and I use the same criteria for our rating system). But, this month is about the best of the best, so onward.

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November Five-Star Shuffle: “Lake Shore Driving”

Okay, here are the rules for the November theme, Chris.  Open up iTunes (it has to be a fresh open).  Go to your 5-Star playlist and hit shuffle.  Write about the first song that comes up.  No skips allowed, unless by some crazy circumstance, you hit the same song on your next post.  So here goes.  Wow…

Big Thing
Big Thing

“Lake Shore Driving”
by Duran Duran
from the album Big Thing
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I’ve been in love with Duran Duran for years.  I came a bit late to the party, missing their early-80s works when they were crazy popular.  Big Thing was probably the album that first got me into them but I quickly added their more popular and poppier albums to my collection.  Big Thing is kind of an odd album coming off the pretty funky turn they took with 1985’s Notorious which saw the once quintet reduced to a trio.  If Big Thing is odd, then “LSD” is an accurate acronym for this weird-ass, but wonderful track. Continue reading November Five-Star Shuffle: “Lake Shore Driving”