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May Summer Songs: “Damn Good”


“Damn Good”
by David Lee Roth
from the album Skyscraper
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Growing up, I was all about country and easy listening music because those were the only two radio stations I could reliably pick up with my clock radio (R.I.P. WSIX 98.6 and Easy 93).  When I heard friends talking about Huey Lewis and the News, I thought he was an anchor on channel 13.  Men At Work became “Minute Work” which I interpreted as some kind of scholastic study method (I was a weird kid).  Eventually though, we got MTV.  Although I missed out on a lot pop music as it was happening, I quickly caught up.

One of the first pop cassettes I bought for myself was David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper and I’m not ashamed to say that I absolutely adore it.  I must have listened to that whole album a thousand times, although It took me a while to make the entire loop,  I’d get hooked on a song, play it through and then quickly rewind and listen again.  I became an expert in knowing just how long to keep the button down so that the track was queued perfectly.  I can feel the vibration of my Panasonic boom box (with Ambience™) rewinding right now.  “Just Like Paradise” and “Stand Up” were perfect singles.  “Hina” was just a bizarrely amazing and beautiful song (it’s also a perfect night song).  But the song that encapsulates a summer song for me is “Damn Good.”

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Hey Jealousy”

New Miserable Experience
New Miserable Experience

“Hey Jealousy”
by Gin Blossoms
from the album New Miserable Experience
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I wasn’t too sure what to post this week. Nothing was really calling out to me, but was just looking at my karaoke playlist and this jumped out. Probably because it’s so much of the same time as Lance’s pick. I never really got into the Gin Blossoms. I think I had this album at one point but got rid of it, but man, this song is great.

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May Summer Songs: “Summerland”

Sparkle and Fade
Sparkle and Fade

by Everclear
from the album Sparkle and Fade
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I’m not sure how I feel about Lance’s theme for the month, but that’s mostly because it’s been cold and miserable here the past few days, which made it feel like the awful winter is truly never going to leave. Hopefully throughout this month I can get into the right summer song mindset. Regardless, onward.

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May Summer Songs: “Summertime Rolls”

Nothing's Shocking
Nothing’s Shocking

“Summertime Rolls”
by Jane’s Addiction
from the album Nothing’s Shocking
1988 Warner Bros.
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Chris gave me the honor of picking this month’s theme on MNP and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.  I’m in NYC on business, I’m way behind on work for my second job, I missed a good party in Austin this week and my shoes are still soaked from a freakish monsoon that hit NYC yesterday.  But this morning the clouds parted and Manhattan was just gorgeous, bathed in sunlight and warm.  I was mulling over  the theme when I had lunch with an old friend who always reminds me of Jane’s addiction. “Summertime Rolls” came to mind and in my mind that’s a perfect summer song.

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April Duets: “Turn My Way”

Get Ready
Get Ready

“Turn My Way”
by New Order w/ Billy Corgan
from Get Ready
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The final entry in #AprilDuets (though I certainly have more I could post) comes from New Order. This was a bit of a comeback album after they hadn’t released anything in 8 years, and though I never gave it enough of a proper listen, this song pretty immediately jumped out.

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Single Gun Theory – “From A Million Miles”

Millions, Like Stars In My Hands, Daggers In My Heart, Wage War
Millions, Like Stars In My Hands, Daggers In My Heart, Wage War

“From a Million Miles”
by Single Gun Theory
from the album Millions, Like Stars In My Hands, Daggers In My Heart, Wage War
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I remember the very first time I heard “From A Million Miles.”  I was sitting in my bedroom and a slight breeze was coming through window.  It was after midnight on a Sunday so it was dead quiet in the neighborhood and the only light was the glow from the TV.  As soon as the video began to play, I was instantly transported someplace completely different.  There was something so exotic about the sounds and imagery.

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Urban Dance Squad -“Alienated”

Persona Non Grata
Persona Non Grata

by Urban Dance Squad
from the album Persona Non Grata
1994 Ariola
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Sometimes I get in a mood.  It’s like you’re in a funk you’re trying to get out of.  You’re pretty sure you set the light, but it’s a ways off.  This track will get you through.  Listen up.

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Catherine Wheel – “Balloon”

by Catherine Wheel
from the album Ferment
1992 Fontana Records
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Like many of eventual favorite bands, I stumbled across Catherine Wheel pretty late in the game. The music video for “Way Down” from 1995’s Happy Days was my first exposure.  It was pretty heavy compared to their earlier albums and appealed to the pseudo-metalhead in me.  Eventually, during a music drought sometime in the early aughts, I picked up their first two albums.  It was a good decision.

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