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November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

Songs for the Deaf
Songs for the Deaf

“Go With The Flow”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album Songs for the Deaf
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Definitely a best song ever.  “Go With The Flow” will remain on the five-star playlist for a long, long time.  The music video is a gorgeous piece of work, but even without its automotive theme driving home the point, this song would be a windows-down, blasting-across-the-asphalt song.   Continue reading November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

June Power Songs: “Smooth Sailing”

...Like Clockwork
…Like Clockwork

“Smooth Sailing”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album …Like Clockwork
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I once described this song to a friend as a throbbing erection.  It’s all about potential.  Something’s about to explode.

For my final song in QOTSA week and my latest Power Song selection, I’m choosing “Smooth Sailing.”  Really all you need to know about this track you can pull from the lyrics and the video.

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Cover Friday: “Never Say Never”

Rated R
Rated R

“Never Say Never”
by Queens of the Stone Age (originally by Romeo Void)
from the album Rated R (Deluxe Edition)
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Yep, it’s a QOTSA week here on MNP, especially if Chris doesn’t get off his ass and post.  That’s right motherfucker.  Called you out.  What are you gonna do?

Sorry, QOTSA does that too me… get’s me in a fighting, fucking or drinking mood.  Sometimes all three.  I didn’t discover this song until a few months ago.  I picked up the reissue of Rated R like any good QOTSA fan would, but I never really gave it a good spin.  Like most of my musical discoveries, this song came into my life via shuffle.  Quickly followed by pounding the back button two times so I could hear it again. Continue reading Cover Friday: “Never Say Never”

Karaoke Tuesday: “Make It Wit Chu”

Era Vulgaris
Era Vulgaris

“Make It Wit Chu”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album Era Vulgaris
Buy the album on Amazon

“Who is your favorite band?”

It’s almost an impossible question to answer and completely unfair to ask, because the response can change based on genre, mood, the weather, what you’re eating, etc.  For years I would say  the Smashing Pumpkins were my favorite.  And while Gish is still in my top ten list of all time and Siamese Dream is up there too (we’ll get into my issues with Mellon Collie at some point), I wouldn’t consider them a favorite anymore.  The Pixies occupy a spot in the favorite list that’ll probably never fade, unless they keep releasing albums (tarnishing the memory of the original releases).  King’s X – the Texas, metal power-trio – will always have a soft spot in my heart.  Are these my favorite bands?  Yes and no.  Yes on some kind of honorary list, but is their current output what’s fueling my fire.  No.  I think the better question to ask is

“Who is the best band in the world, right now?”

The best band in the world right now is Queens of the Stone Age.  The albums are chock full of wonderful and bizarre songs.  Nothing quite sounds the same, but you can always tell it’s them.  And for a long time I’ve wanted to perform a QOTSA song at karaoke, but the Ginger Elvis‘ range is just so huge that most of my favorites are beyond reach,  not to mention unavailable in the book. But I think I might be able to pull off this gem.  Maybe.

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