June Power Songs: “Smooth Sailing”

...Like Clockwork
…Like Clockwork

“Smooth Sailing”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album …Like Clockwork
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I once described this song to a friend as a throbbing erection.  It’s all about potential.  Something’s about to explode.

For my final song in QOTSA week and my latest Power Song selection, I’m choosing “Smooth Sailing.”  Really all you need to know about this track you can pull from the lyrics and the video.

It’s all in motion
No stoppin’ now
I’ve got nothin’ to lose
And only one way up

I’m burning bridges
I destroy the mirage
Oh, visions of collisions
Fuckin ‘bon voyage

It’s all smooth sailing
From here on out

I got bruises and hickies
Stitches and scars
Got my own theme music
It plays wherever I are

Fear is the hand
That pulls your strings
A useless toy
Pitiful plaything

I’m inflagranti
In every way

It’s all smooth sailing
From here on out
I’m gon’ do the damage
That needs gettin’ done

God only knows
Where love vacations
If reason is priceless
There’s no reason to pay for it

It’s so easy to see
And so hard to find
Make a mountain of a mole hill
If the mole hill is mine

I hypnotize you
And no one can find you
I blow my load
Over the status quo
Here we go

I’m a little bit nonchalant
But I dance
I’m risking it always
No second chance

It’s gonna be smooth sailing
From here on out
I’m gon’ do the damage
‘Til the damage is done

God only knows
So mind your behavior
Follow prescriptions
Of your lord and savior

Every temple is gold
Every hook is designed
Hell is but the temple
Of the closed mind
Closed mind
Closed mind
Closed mind

It’s all smooth sailing
From here on out

Shut up…


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