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Karaoke Tuesday: “Bad”

The Unforgettable Fire
The Unforgettable Fire

by U2
from the album The Unforgettable Fire
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I hadn’t picked a song for today yet, and Lance went with U2, so it seemed like a good enough direction as any (after all, he and I have done U2 medleys before). U2 has never been on my list of favorite bands. I owned The Joshua Tree when I grew up, and there are some undeniably epic, classic songs on it, and throughout the years some of their other songs have hooked me, and usually hooked me hard. I respectfully accept their place in the rock pantheon, but I’ve mostly stuck with their hits, and am still discovering classics within that list.
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Cover Friday: “Cactus”

Glen Hansard
Glen Hansard

by Glen Hansard (originally by The Pixies)
from the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, Austria

Ok, I’m breaking convention a little here, since I posted a different cover version of this last week, but the Wikipedia page for the song mentioned that Glen Hansard and The Frames had covered it in concert once, so I went on a search, and found this. I said I didn’t love the Bowie version, but this version is fantastic, so I thought it deserved its own post.

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Lightning Crashes”

Throwing Coppper
Throwing Copper

“Lightning Crashes”
by Live
from the album Throwing Copper
1994 Radioactive
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I’m totally behind on my posts, so I was feeling a bit stressed on what to pick for the karaoke entry.  I had something completely different in mind when I decided to hit MNP to see what Chris had cooked up for his entry.  Upon seeing “Brick” I thought FUCK IT and countered with my own depressing karaoke song.  Ladies and gentled, the song you should never sing with expectant parents in the room… “Lightning Crashes.”

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April Duets: “Time After Time”

The Body Acoustic
The Body Acoustic

“Time After Time”
by Cyndi Lauper w/ Sarah McLachlan
from The Body Acoustic
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Cyndi Lauper, or at least my appreciation of her, is in the fine wine/better with age category for me. I didn’t have MTV growing up, but this song is one of the songs I associate with the times I got to watch it at a relative’s, and it was always my favorite of her hits.

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April Duets: “Judy Staring at the Sun”

Happy Days
Happy Days

“Judy Staring at the Sun”
by Catherine Wheel w/ Tanya Donelly
from Happy Days
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Lance posted a Catherine Wheel song, and it made me realize that though we know much (far, far too much) about each other, there are still things to be learned. Like the fact that we’re both big Catherine Wheel fans, which has never once come up in conversation.

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Cover Friday: “All Apologies”

I know I’m a week late, but felt like there should be a little bit of tribute for #CoverFriday.

“All Apologies”
by Ben Gibbard (originally by Nirvana)
Download the full show at archive.org


Not a lot to say on this. I like the original song. I like Ben Gibbard’s voice. I’m nearly always a fan of crowd sing-alongs.

April Duets: “How I Could Just Kill a Man”


“How I Could Just Kill a Man”
by Rage Against the Machine w/Cypress Hill
from the album Renegades
Buy the album on Amazon.

I was never a Cypress Hill fan, and listening to the original of this doesn’t change that. But there are definitely times I love me some RATM. The regular cover of this (sans Cypress Hill) is just as good. I go back and forth between which version I like better, but ’tis the month for duets.

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