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Catherine Wheel – “Balloon”

by Catherine Wheel
from the album Ferment
1992 Fontana Records
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Like many of eventual favorite bands, I stumbled across Catherine Wheel pretty late in the game. The music video for “Way Down” from 1995’s Happy Days was my first exposure.  It was pretty heavy compared to their earlier albums and appealed to the pseudo-metalhead in me.  Eventually, during a music drought sometime in the early aughts, I picked up their first two albums.  It was a good decision.

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Lush – “Nothing Natural”

Lush-Nothing-Natural“Nothing Natural”
by Lush
from the album Spooky
1991 4AD
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I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of argument on this post, but “Nothing Natural” by Lush is just a brilliant, brilliant song.  In 1991, I was still in high school and surrounded by nothing but country music or Top 40 radio stations.  The few of us in town that weren’t cruising the drag in IROCs blasting Garth Brooks or Vanilla Ice were trading VHS tapes of MTV’s 120 Minutes and brother did I ever wear out the section of tape containing this song. Continue reading Lush – “Nothing Natural”