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April Duets: “Turn My Way”

Get Ready
Get Ready

“Turn My Way”
by New Order w/ Billy Corgan
from Get Ready
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The final entry in #AprilDuets (though I certainly have more I could post) comes from New Order. This was a bit of a comeback album after they hadn’t released anything in 8 years, and though I never gave it enough of a proper listen, this song pretty immediately jumped out.

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Perfect Albums: Ten


Ten by Pearl Jam
1991 Epic Records
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In my mind, a perfect album is one you can start playing at track one and go all the way to the end without wanting to hit skip. That’s no small feat in my book.  Ever since random access became possible with CDs, I developed a serious case of music ADD.  I’ll start a song I like, get to the chorus and want to skip ahead to hear another chorus.  Back in the day of vinyl and cassette you pretty much had to let an album or at the very least a side play through to completion.  For me, Ten is the prime example of a perfect album.  You can set and forget it.  Bonus points because it sounds even better cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down.

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April Duets: “Time After Time”

The Body Acoustic
The Body Acoustic

“Time After Time”
by Cyndi Lauper w/ Sarah McLachlan
from The Body Acoustic
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Cyndi Lauper, or at least my appreciation of her, is in the fine wine/better with age category for me. I didn’t have MTV growing up, but this song is one of the songs I associate with the times I got to watch it at a relative’s, and it was always my favorite of her hits.

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Oh Sherrie”

Street Talk
Street Talk

“Oh Sherrie”
by Steve Perry
from the album Street Talk
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This was inspired by Lance’s selection for the day, in that it also falls firmly in the category of “I randomly heard or thought of this song one day and remembered how awesome it is and holy crap I can totally hear myself singing this and I’m going to bust this out at karaoke next time!”

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Your Love”

Play Deep
Play Deep

“Your Love”
by The Outfield
from the album Play Deep
1985 Sony
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I tried to sing this song a couple of times at karaoke and completely botched it.  The song has such a high register, even for me.  I had given up all hope until I heard a buddy sing it a couple of octaves lower.  It took on a completely different vibe – almost sinister.  I’m still trying to master it, but it’s so fun giving it a shot.

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April Duets: “Hello Goodbye”

All ATX Vol. 1
All ATX Vol. 1

“Hello Goodbye”
by Suzanna Choffel & Alejandro Escovedo
from the album All ATX (Volume 1)
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I guess I’m not big on duets, or I just can’t remember any that stand out in an obvious way.  I dig on harmonies, but does that count as duets (e.g. most Alice In Chains songs from the Dirt era)? However, this track has been making the rounds in my playlist lately.  It’s a modern track (gasp!).   Continue reading April Duets: “Hello Goodbye”

April Duets: “Judy Staring at the Sun”

Happy Days
Happy Days

“Judy Staring at the Sun”
by Catherine Wheel w/ Tanya Donelly
from Happy Days
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Lance posted a Catherine Wheel song, and it made me realize that though we know much (far, far too much) about each other, there are still things to be learned. Like the fact that we’re both big Catherine Wheel fans, which has never once come up in conversation.

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Cover Friday: “Easy”

I'm Easy/Be Aggressive
I’m Easy/Be Aggressive

by Faith No More (originally by The Commodores)
from the “I’m Easy/Be Aggressive” double A-side
1992 Slash Records
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Again, this one of those covers that I stumbled across before I had ever heard the original.  Thus – in my mind – it’s the superior version.  This track kind of fits into the karaoke theme as well… I’m constantly on the hunt for the Mike Patton-pitched version.

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Cover Friday: “Fade Into You”

Keep + Dinosaur Jr.
Keep + Dinosaur Jr.

“Fade Into You”
by Dinosaur Jr (originally by Mazzy Star)
from a limited edition release
More info here.

J Mascis helped design some limited edition shoes last year, which I knew about, but I somehow missed this cover that was included for people who ordered them. I discovered it last night while prepping for an upcoming duet post.

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April Duets: “Disorder”

Judgment Night
Judgment Night

by Slayer & Ice-T
from Judgment Night
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There were a couple of other more mellow duets I had been thinking of posting first for the next #AprilDuets entry, but I wanted to be kind to Lance and completely scrub Thom Yorke out of his head. If Slayer and Ice-T can’t do it, I don’t know what can.

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