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July Power Songs: “Fuck You”

True North
True North

“Fuck You”
by Bad Religion
from the album True North
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I’m cheating a bit with this month’s theme, but give me a break.  I’ve been Hollywood for a week.  Also, June Power Songs were so much fun, and I still have a massive list of tracks I want to slot in there, so since it’s my turn to pick the theme, I’m extending power songs into July.

This post is gonna be quick, like this amazing song from Bad Religion.  I like Bad Religion a lot, but I’m not a disciple by any means.  Their album Stranger The Fiction is definitely in my top 100 albums of all time, but I realize for most Bad Religion fans that’s like saying Wings was Paul’s McCartney’s best band (I should also come clean and say that I don’t really love the Beatles).  But after The Gray Race I kind of lost track of the band.  Until True North.

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June Power Songs: “Smooth Sailing”

...Like Clockwork
…Like Clockwork

“Smooth Sailing”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album …Like Clockwork
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I once described this song to a friend as a throbbing erection.  It’s all about potential.  Something’s about to explode.

For my final song in QOTSA week and my latest Power Song selection, I’m choosing “Smooth Sailing.”  Really all you need to know about this track you can pull from the lyrics and the video.

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June Power Songs: “Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe”

We Care
We Care

“Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe”
by Whale
from the album We Care
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I have no idea where I first heard this, probably either on a CMJ CD sampler, or a Video Music Monthly VHS magazine, but I just know I was  hooked.  It’s one of those songs that just rocks so hard from the very first note.  Continue reading June Power Songs: “Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe”

Cover Friday: “A Quick One While He’s Away”

Immagine in Cornice
Immagine in Cornice

“A Quick One While He’s Away”
by My Morning Jacket w/Eddie Vedder (originally by The Who)
from the film Immagine in Cornice
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Even if you’re not the world’s biggest The Who fan (I’m not), chances are that you’ve heard the original version of this song during the payback scene from the film Rushmore  The mini-opera runs about nine minutes and is kind of all over the place.  I wouldn’t necessarily called it a fun-filled song (although *spoilers* there’s a happy ending), but there’s something about the way My Morning Jacket and Eddie Vedder bring this song to life that is just so joyful.

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June Power Songs: “Violet”

Live Through This
Live Through This

by Hole
from the album Live Through This
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I never got too into Hole, but I remember there used to be a commercial for a contest for some beer where you could win tickets to see Hole live, and they would show a clip of them playing this song in concert. I saw the commercial so many times that I got totally hooked on this song. It’s got that great loudquietloud thing going on.

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June Power Songs: “Three Days”

Ritual de lo Habitual“Three Days”
by Jane’s Addiction
from the album Ritual de lo Habitual
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The first song that came to mind when Chris picked Power Songs as this month’s theme was “Three Days.”  Last year, while prepping for my move to Texas, I found a big cache of MiniDisc mixes I had assembled back in the late 90s.  One of the cover labels read Epix of Rök.  At the center of that mix was this almost eleven-minute monster of a song.  So I’m going on record and saying that “Three Days” is a Power Epic.

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June Power Songs: “Killing in the Name”

Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

“Killing in the Name”
by Rage Against the Machine
from the album Rage Against the Machine
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Obviously pretty much every RATM song is a power song in every sense. It’s probably why I can’t claim to be a huge fan – I didn’t get into them until I was old enough to need to take them in smaller doses. I own 2 or 3 of their albums and could only name 2 or 3 of their songs. This one is pretty much the king of the hill.
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June Power Songs: “Earth Rocker”

Earth Rocker
Earth Rocker

“Earth Rocker”
by Clutch
from the album  Earth Rocker
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Power.  This song has it in spades.

“Earth Rocker” starts with a slow build, just simple bass line and a ride cymbal, but even then you can tell it’s about to pummel you over the head with something.  It’s not until a couple of verses in that you understand the message – quit being a whiney shit Lance and do something worthwhile.

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June Power Songs: “Godhead”


by Nitzer Ebb
from the album Ebbhead
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I was a big Nitzer Ebb fan back in the day. In my memory, I was thinking that I didn’t really love “Ebbhead”, which this was from (and their follow-up “Big Hit” cemented the break-up), but looking at the tracklist, there are quite a few songs I actually really like, so time for a re-listen. Regardless, this song does it for me every time. It’s just filthy. It’s salacious. And that part around 3:00 where you think you’ve already experienced the max heaviness of the song and then it really kicks in always gives me chills.
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June’s Music Theme: Power Songs

The theme for this month is slightly ambiguous. I considered calling it “Hardcore Songs”, but I know that’s a music genre itself (though not one I prescribe to), so I’ll go with “Power Songs”. These could be considered a different kind of summer song. They’re the songs that have a bit (or more) of an edge to them, that can give you chills, that are equally perfect when you’re working out and need the extra boost or when you’re angry or you just want to feel like punching something or kicking ass or doing the Sailor dance.

Too ambiguous? We’ll figure it out as we go along.