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Album of the Month: Kick


Kick by INXS
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Kick by Beck’s Record Club
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Lance recently posted a full length cover version of this for #CoverFriday. Courtney Barnett’s version was respectable and a cool effort, but honestly didn’t do much for me. I finally finished listening to most of the rest of it this past weekend, and was watching it on YouTube, and then noticed the Beck’s Record Club full album cover version in the related videos. I liked it enough that I was considering just featuring it, but then decided it may be overkill to still do the real Kick later, so here we are. I also just learned on the Slicing Up Eyeballs Facebook page that the album was released yesterday in 1987, so the timing is fortuitous.

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Cover Friday: Kick (Album)


by Courtney Barnett (originally by INXS)
from Pure Pop Records’ “Summer Of Classic Albums” concert series
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When Chris posted his “Jackson” karaoke post, he included a cover that INXS did, which got me to wondering who has covered INXS? Just as that thought popped into my head, I remembered stumbling across this video of Courtney Barnett performing the Kick album in its entirety.

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Jackson”

The Essential Johnny Cash“Jackson”
by Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash
from the album The Essential Johnny Cash
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I can’t remember how or why Lance and I first did this as a duet. I feel like maybe our group was having a Johnny Cash-off/medley, but I’m not sure. Also, this had to have been sometime just after the movie Walk the Line came out, because I admittedly didn’t know a thing about Johnny Cash or really know his music until the movie Walk the Line. Up to that point, the only reference point I had for him was that one of the characters in Swingers had a father who was a big fan.
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April Duets: “Good Times”

The Lost Boys Soundtrack
The Lost Boys Soundtrack

“Good Times”
by INXS w/Jimmy Barnes
from the soundtrack to  The Lost Boys
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I was really worried about this month’s theme when Chris suggested it, but I’ve adopted a new policy of not questioning a creative group decision – just go with it.  Of course it helped when this track came up on shuffle.  Plus, Chris will love the irony.  For my first #AprilDuets section, I’ve chosen “Good Times” featuring the vocal stylings of Michael Hutchence from INXS and a dishwasher* named Jimmy Barnes.

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Karaoke Tuesday: “Mediate”


At 98, we all rotate.

from the album Kick
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I had a different song in mind for our first #KaraokeTuesday, but then the background writing in Lance’s choice triggered this one for me (coincidentally released the same year as his Love and Rockets choice).

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