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Cover Friday: “A Quick One While He’s Away”

Immagine in Cornice
Immagine in Cornice

“A Quick One While He’s Away”
by My Morning Jacket w/Eddie Vedder (originally by The Who)
from the film Immagine in Cornice
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Even if you’re not the world’s biggest The Who fan (I’m not), chances are that you’ve heard the original version of this song during the payback scene from the film Rushmore  The mini-opera runs about nine minutes and is kind of all over the place.  I wouldn’t necessarily called it a fun-filled song (although *spoilers* there’s a happy ending), but there’s something about the way My Morning Jacket and Eddie Vedder bring this song to life that is just so joyful.

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Cover Friday: “Crazy Mary”

Sweet Relief
Sweet Relief

“Crazy Mary”
by Pearl Jam (originally by Victoria Williams)
from the album Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams
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Following Lance’s example of a random Pearl Jam cover. When the benefit album this cover was part of first came out, I didn’t know anything about Victoria Williams, and I admittedly still don’t, but I used to always go for these types of compilation albums if there was at least one artist I liked. I don’t really do that anymore, partly because I never know about them, and partly because I finally realized I usually only liked one or two songs on them. This is one of three songs on this album that actually stuck with me.
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Cover Friday – “Leavin’ Here”

Lost Dogs
Lost Dogs

“Leavin’ Here”
by Pearl Jam (originally by Eddie Holland)
from the album Lost Dogs
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I first caught Pearl Jam’s cover of “Leavin’ Here” on the Home Alive compilation which contained tracks by (mostly) Seattle-based bands.  Sales from the album benefited the Home Alive project which teaches self-defense on a sliding scale payment system and was started following the brutal rape and murder of Gits vocalist, Mia Zapata.  To be honest, none of the tracks really did much for me at the time, but I always loved this PJ track.  Short, fun, and everyone gets a little riff to play.

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Perfect Albums: Ten


Ten by Pearl Jam
1991 Epic Records
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In my mind, a perfect album is one you can start playing at track one and go all the way to the end without wanting to hit skip. That’s no small feat in my book.  Ever since random access became possible with CDs, I developed a serious case of music ADD.  I’ll start a song I like, get to the chorus and want to skip ahead to hear another chorus.  Back in the day of vinyl and cassette you pretty much had to let an album or at the very least a side play through to completion.  For me, Ten is the prime example of a perfect album.  You can set and forget it.  Bonus points because it sounds even better cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down.

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