April Duets: “How I Could Just Kill a Man”


“How I Could Just Kill a Man”
by Rage Against the Machine w/Cypress Hill
from the album Renegades
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I was never a Cypress Hill fan, and listening to the original of this doesn’t change that. But there are definitely times I love me some RATM. The regular cover of this (sans Cypress Hill) is just as good. I go back and forth between which version I like better, but ’tis the month for duets.

The audio version sounds much better than the video, but including both.

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One thought on “April Duets: “How I Could Just Kill a Man”

  1. Oh how I love the version of this song. When I was playing Call of Duty: United Offensive years ago, I really wanted to cut together a video of gameplay with this as the soundtrack. I can totally picture it in my head.

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