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November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

Songs for the Deaf
Songs for the Deaf

“Go With The Flow”
by Queens of the Stone Age
from the album Songs for the Deaf
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Definitely a best song ever.  “Go With The Flow” will remain on the five-star playlist for a long, long time.  The music video is a gorgeous piece of work, but even without its automotive theme driving home the point, this song would be a windows-down, blasting-across-the-asphalt song.   Continue reading November Five-Star Shuffle: “Go With The Flow”

Nirvana Show in Greenpoint

I don’t usually feel any pangs of regret when I hear of some secret show I missed or whatever. I’ve seen my fair share of shows and don’t feel deprived. But man, I can’t deny wishing I could have been at the show last night watching Krist and Dave and J and Joan and Kim and all the rest.