November Five-Star Shuffle: “Country Feedback”

Out of Time
Out of Time

“Country Feedback”
by R.E.M.
from the album Out of Time
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Damnit. I wanted to start off Monday morning with a good rocking pick, and then this came up (actually, “Jane Says” came up but it’s already been posted, and so did “Under the Bridge” but I feel like karaoke rules sort of apply to MNP as well, so I may let Lance post that one). I couldn’t hit skip forever though, so here we are.

Out of Time is the last full R.E.M. album that I really liked. Automatic for the People has some good tracks on it, and I stuck with them for a couple albums after that, but then we faded into a breakup, with only an occasional hook-up session after that. But this album got a lot of play. Part of that was because I first had it on cassette, and I’ve probably lamented before about how I miss being stuck with an album over and over until you love it or hate it, but it was also just a good, mature album that felt like R.E.M. had grown up.
During high school and during my depressed phase of moping around listening to “Nothing Lasts” over and over, this was another song on frequent repeat.
It’s crazy what you could have had.
I need this.
Yeah, that got me through some times, or drew them out longer – I’m not really sure which. I may change this to a 4 star song because even though it does a hold a lot of meaning to me, I’m not sure it’s unskippable any more. It kind of just depresses me, and I’ve got other songs to get me through that (or draw it out longer). Anyhoo – happy monday!

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