November Five-Star Shuffle: “The New Fuck You”

Ghetto Blaster EP
Ghetto Blaster EP

“The New Fuck You”
by Street Sweeper Social Club
from the EP Ghetto Blaster
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Here’s a secret about blogs: you can both write posts ahead of time and have them post in the future, or you can backdate late posts to make you look like you’re on top of your shit.  My intent with this post was to do the former… knock out a couple of posts in one night to hit my minimum of two a week so I could take my time on the monthly entry, but then this song came up on shuffle and Boots and Tom wouldn’t let me front… so here it comes two posts back-to-back.  Oh shit… “Balloon” by Catherine Wheel just came up while I was writing this graph.  Thank god I already wrote about it, otherwise I wouldn’t sleep tonight… whiskey is delicious.

I first heard about these guys when the NIN/JA tour was announced with SSSC opening.  A Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction tour is the absolute sweet spot for a 90s teenager like me.  Toss in a Rage spin-off and it’s a non-brainer.  I’m there.  To be clear Zach put out an album too, but SSSC is the successor to RATM in my opinion.  Incendiary lyrics with fucking crazy guitar and a bass line that’ll get your mojo revvin’.  Yes please.  I’m not usually one for lyrics, but if you have a rapper spewing them, they end up speaking to me (I’m still waiting for “Express Yourself” by NWA to get added at karaoke).

Coked out is the new tipsy
Tracy Morgan’s the new Nipsy
Skinny jeans are the new fashion
But none of that shit fits me
Weed smoke is the new incense
Two bucks is the new ten cents
3 strikes is the new lynchin
Buyin is the new rentin
These lines are new molotovs
Right now there’s a new holocaust
More troops is the new call it off
I’m tryna pry this collar off
Hip Hop is the new rock now
Curfews are the new lockdown
Gunshots are the new cricket chirps
Let’s flip this shit top down

Fuckin is the new “Hey, how do y’do?”
And revolution is the new fuck you
The New Fuck You
The New Fuck You

Flagwaving’s the new zeig heil
Do nothing’s the new denial
Torture is the new torture
We’ll all walk that green mile
The dope spot’s the new factory
Nip/Tuck is the new quackery
Handguns are the new switchblades
And freedom’s the new fantasy
“Get a room” is the new “get a home”
Low income’s the new hella po’
Phone sex is now group sex
There’s feds on your telephone
“Take care” is the new healthcare
Big business gets welfare
The Middle East is the new goldrush
We’ve made a new hell there

Fuckin is the new “Hey, how do y’do?”
And revolution is the new fuck you
The New Fuck You
The New Fuck You

I absolutely love when this song comes up on shuffle while I’m driving.  It’s a car song, fo’ sho’.  Yelling fuck you out the car window… priceless.

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